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Thank You Community Violence Intervention Program!

Olalla Center would like to take this opportunity to thank the Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Program for supporting our organization!

Having served the community for over 45 years now, our programs and services have grown and adapted to the needs of our diverse, rural community. 

Olalla works with all ages and our youth population is no exception since we consistently offer Youth Activities at little to no cost to participants. These activities range from making art in our LGBTQ+ & Ally Art Club, having a blast at Game Night, experiencing the wonders of nature in Explorer Club, and more. 

Thanks to Community Violence Intervention funds, our Equine Assisted Activities have been able to grow and flourish as well, ensuring that more youth get to engage with our horses in a therapeutic environment.

The Olalla Center would like to thank you for supporting our organization and recognizing the importance of providing our communities with opportunities to learn and have fun!

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