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Project Bravery: A Spring Update

Olalla Center's Project Bravery has been staying busy this spring between hosting and attending community events!

The program continues to offer Queer Qoffees, now in two locations!

  1. Newport's White Rabbit Espresso on the first Saturday of the month, 11 AM. The next Queer Qoffee at White Rabbit is April 6th.

  2. Lincoln City's Left Coast Libations (Left Coast Coffee Company) in Nelscott, second Sunday of the month, at 11:30 AM. The next Queer Qoffee at Left Coast is April 14th.

Please join us for good conversation and meet others in the queer community!

Project Bravery's Program Manager, Robb Davis, was interviewed on the KYAQ radio program "Queer Dispatch", hosted by Greg Holland, the mayor of Waldport, and Barbara Turrill. They talked about things that have been going on at Project Bravery and its plans for the future. The interview will appear on Spotify (link here: Queer Dispatch | Podcast on Spotify). "Queer Dispatch" can be heard Thursdays and Sundays at 12:30 PM. Robb, Barbara, and Greg are looking forward to having another conversation soon!

Robb also recently attended training in order to facilitate the Nurturing Parenting curriculum, paid for through Samaritan Health Services' Community Health Improvement Program. He would like to start hosting discussion groups for parents struggling with their queer and trans children. It is hoped that these discussions at Project Bravery will help parents better support their children on their journeys.

Project Bravery also attended the Spring Family Festival on March 16th at the Newport Recreation Center. Hosted by Lincoln County Maternal, Child and Family Health's Community Advisory Board, the Spring Family Festival included tables with readily available resources, information to take home, and fun activities for the family. Project Bravery offered families the opportunity to make flower pens! There was live music, dancing, and storytelling! Interpreters fluent in Spanish, Mam, and American Sign Language were available throughout the event for families to utilize.

If you would like to find out more about what Project Bravery is up to and the services we offer, visit our webpage: at


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