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Olalla Center Welcomes Deputy Director

Charissa Young-White

Olalla Center welcomes Charissa Young-White to its growing team as deputy director. In her new role Young-White joins Olalla Center leadership to focus on community collaboration, strategic planning, and contract management of the non-profit organization.

Young-White comes to Olalla Center with more than 10 years of leadership experience in the areas of social service, non-profit organizations, and health services with a focus on health equity and social determinants of health. Her most recent position was Transformation Program Manager for InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization.

In addition to work experience Young-White brings lived experience to Olalla Center both as someone who lives with depression and anxiety, and as someone who grew up with a non-verbal, disabled sibling.

“Olalla Center has a health equity focus, and I have a deep passion to improve health outcomes and be a voice for the inclusion of all people including people of color, the disabled, and LGBTQIA2S+,” said Young-White. “Behavior health is an area where Oregon is struggling. Olalla Center has many innovative and excellent programs to support children and families with behavioral health needs. I believe Olalla Center can be a light and help lead the way to better supports in the behavioral health arena. I am very excited to be a part of an organization that takes pride in supporting the community in these ways.”

Young-White holds a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Health Management and Policy, and a master’s degree from Simmons University in Health Care Administration. She plans to utilize her education and experience to strengthen community programs and strategies to improve partnerships with governmental, medical, and social organizations.

In her spare time, Young-White enjoys spending time with her family camping, hosting dinner nights, and playing games. She plays video games, talks about books, and plays at the beach with her nieces and nephews.

In addition to opening a deputy director position, Olalla Center expanded to include seven diverse programs in behavioral health and community wellness including: Walden Project nature connection therapy; Pegasus Equine Assisted Therapy; Arcoiris Cultural Latin and Indigenious focused Community Health and Outreach; Bravery Center LGBTQIA2S+ services; Psychiatric Day Treatment; Outpatient Mental Health; and Relief Nursery preschool and family services.

To learn more about Olalla Center or to apply for a career at Olalla Center (currently seeking therapists, and relief nursery staff and volunteers) go to To contact Young-White, email


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