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Nurturing Parenting Skills

Olalla invites parents of children ages 0-8 to participate in the Nurturing Parenting Skills series facilitated by Amy Shumate, Program Manager of Early Childhood Services. These 12 free classes will take place on Tuesdays from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Olalla Center from September 26th through December 12th.

Childcare and lunch provided - Onsite childcare provided by ABC Education Center (for ages 3-10). Lunch will be catered for those who meet in person at the Olalla Center in Toledo (321 SE 3rd Street, Toledo, OR 97391)

Parenting Support from other parents, community resources and facilitators - All family styles are welcome. This course will focus on:

  • Nurturing as a lifestyle

  • Managing Stress

  • Communication

  • Recognizing and understanding feelings

  • How children develop empathy

  • Discipline

  • Brain development/ages and stages

Hybrid (In person at the Olalla Center and on Zoom) - Free iPad, Wi-Fi and tech support to those who cannot make the class in person.

Certificate of Completion, technology support and incentives - Nurturing Parenting is a research, evidence based and accredited curriculum.

Scan the QR code and sign up today! You can also register by contacting Pollywog at (541) 917-4884.


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