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Give the gift of community this holiday season!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Arcoíris Cultural, an Olalla Center program, is a cultural center that focuses on celebrating and supporting our underserved Latinx and indigenous Mesoamerican populations in Lincoln County.

Cultural connection is an important part of building community, please join Olalla Center in building community and preserving culture this holiday season! We invite you to support Olalla Center’s Arcoíris Cultural (Cultural Rainbow) and our efforts to expand services to the Newport/Nye Beach area of Lincoln County. Click here to donate now!

Arcoíris has moved to a new location and we are excited to call it home! Now located at 144 SW Coast St in Newport, Arcoíris now has a permanent location that will continue to support the Latinx and Indigenous Mesoamerican communities here in Lincoln County. As we expand our services to the Newport/Nye Beach area, we also continue our work to celebrate and preserve the Arcoíris Cultural (Rainbow of Cultures) that makes up our community.

This move is part of Olalla's larger mission of building community through cultural inclusion and equity among our populations. We believe in fostering this positive change so that our future generations are proud of the Arcoíris Cultural that makes up our community.

However, we can't do this work alone and we need your contributions and support so that together we can foster our Arcoíris Cultural.


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