One-on-one counseling sessions with a member of our outpatient therapy team for children and adults.


Collaborative, compassionate family therapy sessions to address a family's unique needs.


Innovative, evidence-based therapy in a group setting for children, teens, and adults.


Additional skills building with a behavioral health specialist in the classroom, home, or community.


We provide treatment and education for school aged children (6-13) with emotional and behavioral challenges. Children enrolled in our day treatment  program have been unsuccessful at home and in a traditional school environment. Children are referred to day treatment through a collaboration between Lincoln County Mental Health, Lincoln County School District, community mental health providers. Our program and clinical staff work with children and families to identify the lagging skills that impact their ability to thrive. Our staff believes that “children do well if they can.” The team works collaboratively with families and community providers. The program includes: Individual, group and family mental health treatment, social skill development, behavior modification, psychiatric consultation, education, exposure to the Collaborative Problem Solving model, and assistance transitioning back to public school once they have met their treatment goals. 


The Walden Project is an innovative therapy program in its third year at the Olalla Center. It was conceived with the intention of revolutionizing how children and teens, particularly those in foster care, receive treatment and are embraced by the community. This program combines traditional mental health services like individual, group and family therapy with a mentoring program. We use the vastness of the outdoors and provide deep, meaningful experiences for children, teens and their families, all while creating awareness and familiarity in the community. This program strives to break down the barriers of the traditional clinical setting, turn off the fluorescent lights, and work on prevention, early intervention, physical health and psychotherapy in the natural world. 

Partnerships: Oregon Coast Community Forest Association, Newport Rotary Club and Inter Community Health Network-CCO.


The Olalla Center for Children and Families’ intention with the Relief Nursery is to grow a strong network of support for high-risk families by forming avenues for safe and sustainable reunification of children in the foster care system, with their parents. Planting the roots of support begins with guided learning in parent education classes facilitated by a Qualified Mental Health Professional (therapist) and supported by a Qualified Mental Health Associate (behavioral specialist), followed by in-the-moment learning in a Parent/Child Learning Lab where parents will practice skills with their children in a gently guided process. Based on assessed needs, parents participate in support groups and gain a sense of community through shared experiences and the healing process. The Relief Nursery is designed to remove socio-economic barriers by providing transportation, food, child care and participation incentives. 

* 2019 Olalla Center is an Emerging Relief Nursery with Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries, OARN. Olalla's program is new and growing to eventually become a full scale Relief Nursery.  Look for new developments.  


Equine Assisted Therapy

The Pegasus Program teams horses with a Mental Health Professional and an Equine Specialist to provide individual, family, and group sessions. These sessions focus on ground work with horses (no riding), with the horses supporting clients through the use of metaphor and skills. This program uses the EAGALA model of equine assisted therapy. Clients learn by practicing skills in real-time, which makes the experience immediate. Experiences are then tied into what is occurring in the clients’ lives. The EAGALA Model is so effective because it is driven by the science that humans learn best by doing. The model utilizes a totally hands-on approach where clients are given the space to project and think critically about their situations, make connections, and problem solve. Since the solutions clients come up with are experienced in combination with intellectual understanding, they tend to be more impactful and longer lasting. 


LGBTQ+ youth in our community face many challenges. They may not feel supported by the adult figures in their lives. They may feel isolated and alone, unable to connect with other youth with similar life experiences. Recent literature has spoken to the idea that for LGBTQ+ youth, having just one supportive adult figure can be literally life saving. The Bravery Center wants to do better than that. Bravery Center hopes to help achieve positive outcomes for our LGBTQ+ youth, including decreasing rates of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, increasing access to nutritious food, decreasing rates of substance use, decreasing rates of suicide, building community connections, increasing visibility and representation, increasing the number of youth-driven community projects, as well as building resilience, self-worth and self-efficacy among youth served. This pilot will promote connectedness, foster meaningful, supportive relationships, help youth become engaged with their community, provide trauma-informed resources and supports that are tailored to their unique needs, and offer them a space to feel worthy, positive, and empowered. 

Partnerships: PFLAG, Community Services Consortium, IHN-CCO, Central Oregon Coast Trans Community

Women Volunteers


Need Health Coverage? Olalla's OHP Certified Community Health Workers are here to help! Free services in English/Spanish at our Newport location in the Avery building on the first floor. All in-person application assistance is closed. Phone and email assistance is available. Limited in-person outreach services are available. For OHP, CAWEM or other health coverage or resources contact:


Alex Guevara, Health Program Coordinator, CHW: (541) 574-2279

Alex Llumiquinga, Outreach Program Coordinator: (541)-819-0436

¿Necesita Seguro Médico? Socio Comunitario Certificado Condado De Lincoln (Servicios Gratis en Español) 120 NE Avery St, 1er piso

Newport, OR 97365 (Toda la asistencia en persona está cerrada. Asistencia  telefónica o por medio de correo electrónico) PO Box 893, Toledo, OR 97391


Lunes a Viernes

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cerrado 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Por favor llame o mande un correo electrónico a

Alex Guevara

(541) 574-2279

Alex Llumiquinga



Northwest Wahines is the brainchild two dedicated Oregon surfers who have channeled their passion for surfing, nature, music and community into helping where and when they can. Northwest Wahines offers camps for native women and girls, as well as local youth. This program has risen to meet the need for the portrayal of strong women, giving women validation of their own strength to surf and experience the rugged conditions of the Northwest. Northwest Wahines accomplishes their mission by building community through events such as the annual Women’s Expression Session, Wahine Wednesdays, the Siletz Wave Warrior camps (in partnership with the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz), and various other service projects that connect girls and women with each other and creates an environment of positive female role models.

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Mail: PO Box 893, Toledo, Oregon 97391

321 SE 3rd Street

Toledo, Oregon 97391 USA

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