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Staying Connected

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Right now, it's important to stay at home to keep yourself and others safe by preventing the spread of coronavirus. But for many people, this means feeling cut off from friends, families, and the things we all do out in the world every day, and that can be tough. Here are some ways to keep connected:

  1. Make a phone or video call to a friend, family member, or loved one. It can help to talk about things other than current events, but it can be very helpful to talk about how you're feeling in the middle of all of this, too. Try to make reaching out regularly part of your routine.

  2. Watch movies together! Netflix has a Chrome browser extension called Netflix Party that allows you to invite friends to watch at the same time as you, and even has a chat feature. Don't forget the popcorn! (If you don't have Netflix, there are other websites that allow you to watch YouTube and other video sources with other people, such as Watch2Gether.)

  3. Find an online concert! If you're someone that finds connection to others through music, this might be a way for you to do just that. Many musicians and performers are now holding online shows and concerts during this time. If you're not into music, lots of other things have gone "live," such as video feeds from aquariums and zoos across the country! Cool!

For more ways to keep on top of your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to follow us on Facebook, where our team will be sharing tips every day. We wish all our clients, friends, and community partners good health. We're all in this together. #mentalhealth #coronavirus #covid19 #socialdistancing #stayingconnected #community


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