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Relief Nursery: Meet the Teacher!

Welcome Families!

Hello and welcome to Relief Nursery. My name is Krystal Ortiz and I'm a Teacher's Assistant. In our class we learn a lot and have fun each day. We are very excited to meet you and your family and have you be a part of our program.

About Me!

I grew up in Newport, Oregon. I have a big family. I have a loving husband and four amazing children. We also have two dogs, two cats, a bunny rabbit and a fish. We love doing arts and crafts as a family. That's also my favorite part of class!

I love working with younger children. My goal is to go back to school and complete my education to become a teacher. Watching the children grow and learn is priceless and I look forward to learning and growing with your children.

You can reach me via email at:


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