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Relief Nursery at Bloom Newport

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Relief Nursery, an Olalla program, had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the Newport Bloom event on April 30th. Relief Nursery hosted a booth with fun games and prizes for young children and families while promoting the program itself. We caught up with Kelsie Greenhill and Melissa Myers of Relief Nursery to find out more about the event!


What was Bloom Newport about?

Bloom Newport was about bringing the community together!

How did you get involved in Bloom?

Melissa heard about this event through Jason Holland, the Executive Director of Newport Performing Arts Center. Melissa brought this information to the attention of the Relief Nursery staff. We both decided to participate in this event and spread awareness of the program.

How did Bloom play out? Who was involved?

The event was so fun and played out smoothly! We made a lot of connections within the community, and provided information about Olalla to the public. We had tremendous help from Melissa's girlfriend, Whitney Head-Burgess, who volunteered at this event. We also had tremendous help from Alex Llumiquinga with the Community Health Program. Alex let us borrow the materials needed for the booth, helped us load all the materials, and helped with set up. We also received help from the booth next to us, Newport Parks and Recreation, when we needed to take down our heavy duty tent. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible!

Do you feel that the event was successful for Relief Nursery?

The event was very successful for the Relief Nursery! We received a lot of interest for referrals, and volunteers. It was a great turn out!


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