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The A Safe Place Program is a flexible 12 session group format that pairs nature based activities with        storytelling and expressive arts approaches for children elementary to early middle school aged.

It was originally designed in Israel in response to helping resolve the impact of trauma on school children after the second Lebanon War.  It was also found to be effective in strengthening coping skills and resilience in children             who have been through common causes of stress such as divorce, moving, illness / loss of family member, bullying, natural disasters, and loss of home.

The first two sessions are mostly indoors, with the rest typically being outside in nature. Sessions 9 and 11 include family participation. In Session 9 participants share what they have been working on with their parents and   Session 11 is a graduation ceremony.

Who is the program for: Elementary to entering middle school aged school children who show emotional and behavioral symptoms related to trauma, anxiety, depression, and/or significant stressors that impact their ability to be safe in school and engage in academics. It tends to appeal to youth who do not like to engage in talk therapy.